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Thank You Daniel Bryan

I’ve been quiet on this front for the month of February as I couldn’t find much to type out about.  But then the news dropped yesterday.


For all those new to me, I am a huge WWE fan, so this was a bombshell. At the same time, being a fan of this wrestling world for years, it’s hard to believe something until it truly happens.

Well, we got that answer last night as Daniel Bryan stood in the middle of the ring and got to say a legit good bye. Not the good bye he should have been making, but so many years of wear and tear on a body will do that.

Just ask Edge, a former champion who had to retire right after Wrestlemania some years ago.

Now where am I going with all of this?


For me, wrestling isn’t something that I just sit and think oh it’s so fake as people like to point out.

For me, it’s about getting behind those people who are bringing characters to life.

Daniel Bryan shouldn’t have probably been the huge superstar that he became.

But the groundswell of support helped propel him into that. Just like the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and someone that you could really get behind as a driving force, Daniel Bryan presented something more than just a character in a ring.

He had this presence of someone that truly wanted it. Not just wanting to win something here and there, but getting to the top of the mountain and staying there.

I was lucky enough to be at Wrestlemania 30, where he finally got all that he deserved. He had been pushed around in the back long enough and got to beat Triple H in the opening contest and win the WWE title that same evening.

It was such a surreal moment to there as it was happening. Like I said, this is someone that felt bigger than the moment to me.

A guy that was 5’8″ and 190 pounds reaching heights of popularity that most guys never get close to.

You can hear Yes chants at sporting events. You can hear Yes chants in one of my band’s songs, that to me, is the power of what Daniel Bryan has become.

Now he has to step away from the only thing he wanted to do, and we all feel a bit cheated because you shouldn’t have to step away on other terms, but your own terms.

I am very grateful and thankful for Daniel Bryan and who he is. I am looking forward to telling him that in person this Sunday as I get to meet him at the World of Wheels.

This is my public thank you to Daniel Bryan.


Last Line

We started with a first line, so let’s wrap up our month with the last. Give us the final sentence, paragraph, or chapter of your life story.

“We loved Stephen for who he was”

That to me is the final line that I want to be said about me.  I’ve unfortunately been thinking a lot more about this idea of what will happen when I am no longer here because of the tragic events that took place in Lawrence Township.

It hit close to home as that’s where I work and I know the principal that placed her life in danger to save those kids. I also know her daughter as one of the best co-workers I’ve encountered.

So full of energy that we’re going to miss that co-worker for the time being.

But getting back to me and where I am think I am heading. I want people to always love me for who I am.

That person that likes the fake sport of wrestling. That guy that loves a hamburger with just cheese.

That man that will do anything for his family.  Someone that can be counted on.

Someone that may love routine more than he lets on. Someone that embraced sweatpants in 2015.

Someone that will be a kid around kids when the time is right.  Someone that can be a positive influence for those same kids.

Finding myself is something I figured you have all sorted out by a certain age, but then again, do you really?

So as long as people are loving of who I am that will be my final line.


What do you want to be known for? Maybe you want to change the world. Maybe you just want to make the best cupcakes known to man. Go all in and give us the deep life-long goal, or share a smaller mission. 

This prompt definitely got me thinking about something I don’t give much thought to.

Are we talking up this Legacy?


I’ve never been the big picture guy, especially after getting laid off years ago. That really opened my eyes to the idea that you should take each day as it comes.

I’ve said before I don’t know about a five year plan, much less five week, five day plan, or even five hour plan. I know that I want to make sure that each day is taken as it comes.

But I got to thinking that overall as a person, I want to be known as that dependable guy.

In my work setting, that is something I take pride in. I’m known to be there for whoever needs it, and always being there at school.

In my family life, I like to be there for my family.  I say it’s a two way street of support. I know how much my parents have given me, so I want to give them back something in that same regard.

If I am known in that light, then I know I’ve created some legacy for myself.


PS. I also like that I was able to use something fake wrestling related to tie in this prompt, so go check out that featured image of Legacy.

Write On

Why do you write? What have you learned by facing the page? Did anything surprise you about your reflections this past month?

Why do I write? I wish I had some profound answer and enlightening story to state why I do write. But mostly, I thought I had some ideas running through my head, and I wanted to get them out there.

I write about things I am passionate about such as music, sports, wrestling, and life.

Music is what got me going in the crazy world of blogs as I knew I had great thoughts about the music world, and I wanted to get them out there.

This writing thing even got me paid from time to time for a site about the Indiana Pacers.

Not the biggest checks ever, but still knowing I made a few dollars because people were viewing my writing was something.

That challenge to me was the reason to write. I am not the best writer, but I will write what I am thinking. I don’t have much of a filter as I am typing.

I let whatever is flowing come out. The downfall is when those thoughts stop and I am left with how to end.

But knowing that I am writing for the world to see is something to me.

Alternative History

Imagine how your life today would be different if an event in history would’ve gone another way. What if the British defeated the American colonies during the Revolutionary War? What if Prohibition never ended? What if the 9/11 terrorist attacks never took place? What if…

This prompt can get your mind going a thousand different ways. I will probably be thinking of a few different scenarios even as I am typing this.

You can look at big picture ideas like what if 9/11 doesn’t happen?  Do we have improved security measure? Do we come together as a nation like we did?

What about it happening later in life? Or even earlier?

I am really thinking about my own life. Maybe I could have looked at what if I never went to Butler and pursued more of a music career with a band because I had just started playing guitar then. Would I have ended up where I am now?

Would I have even went to college at some point? I can also point to my time at Butler and think I made a change for the better when I switched from music education to elementary education.

If I kept on the music education path, I might not even had stayed at Butler since things weren’t going too well in those classes.  I made a change for the better.

I look back at high school and think what if I was more outgoing and actually asked some girls out, maybe I wouldn’t have been such a late bloomer like I was who didn’t get a real date until 24 or so.

Life can be so much different because of one situation, and it’s fun to think about that.

Of Note

What achievement – from a person, a company, a nation – captures your attention? Who did something admirable this year? 

I am going full out selfish mode with this prompt as I achieved something last year that I never achieved.

I was told a few times late in the year that I needed to stick around for this after school meeting in which the employees of the year would be announced. I didn’t think too much of it as I didn’t think I would be receiving anything, but figured I would see who did get our teacher and classified employee of the year.

We all met in the small learning room as the principal talked about the classified employee of the year.  Let me say he didn’t exactly make it not known who was going to receive this award as he kept stating he, and well there are only two other males in our school.

I kept getting looks from people as Principal Jackson kept stating all the good things that
“he” had done, and I don’t even know when it fully clicked he was talking about me.


I’ve never been the one to receive any award for the work I do, but I do get compliments from time to time about the hard work I would do. So I never thought I would get an actual recognition of that.

But what a feeling it was to know that you get something for that. Sure, we can all say we’re in our jobs for the right reasons, but at the same time, we all want some praise beyond words to know we’re doing the best job we can.

I was very happy to even heard that several teachers nominated me for that as that’s how those awards work, so people were seeing what work I was putting in. Whether it was one on one with a kid during her nap time. Helping the janitor nailing a cookie sheet back into the wall. Subbing for teachers when they were out.  Helping a sub out with classroom control.

I went above and beyond quite a bit during the 2014-2015 school year.  It was fantastic to see that it was all done for the right reasons as I just am that there who wants to be there for you in whatever way I can.


Say Cheese

Take a Selfie! Or draw one? Don’t be shy – show your face!

I can’t help it, I wanted to show off me. So here’s a webcam selfie for your viewing pleasure!

Photo on 1-26-16 at 6.50 AM