Thank You Daniel Bryan

I’ve been quiet on this front for the month of February as I couldn’t find much to type out about.  But then the news dropped yesterday.


For all those new to me, I am a huge WWE fan, so this was a bombshell. At the same time, being a fan of this wrestling world for years, it’s hard to believe something until it truly happens.

Well, we got that answer last night as Daniel Bryan stood in the middle of the ring and got to say a legit good bye. Not the good bye he should have been making, but so many years of wear and tear on a body will do that.

Just ask Edge, a former champion who had to retire right after Wrestlemania some years ago.

Now where am I going with all of this?


For me, wrestling isn’t something that I just sit and think oh it’s so fake as people like to point out.

For me, it’s about getting behind those people who are bringing characters to life.

Daniel Bryan shouldn’t have probably been the huge superstar that he became.

But the groundswell of support helped propel him into that. Just like the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and someone that you could really get behind as a driving force, Daniel Bryan presented something more than just a character in a ring.

He had this presence of someone that truly wanted it. Not just wanting to win something here and there, but getting to the top of the mountain and staying there.

I was lucky enough to be at Wrestlemania 30, where he finally got all that he deserved. He had been pushed around in the back long enough and got to beat Triple H in the opening contest and win the WWE title that same evening.

It was such a surreal moment to there as it was happening. Like I said, this is someone that felt bigger than the moment to me.

A guy that was 5’8″ and 190 pounds reaching heights of popularity that most guys never get close to.

You can hear Yes chants at sporting events. You can hear Yes chants in one of my band’s songs, that to me, is the power of what Daniel Bryan has become.

Now he has to step away from the only thing he wanted to do, and we all feel a bit cheated because you shouldn’t have to step away on other terms, but your own terms.

I am very grateful and thankful for Daniel Bryan and who he is. I am looking forward to telling him that in person this Sunday as I get to meet him at the World of Wheels.

This is my public thank you to Daniel Bryan.


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