Last Line

We started with a first line, so let’s wrap up our month with the last. Give us the final sentence, paragraph, or chapter of your life story.

“We loved Stephen for who he was”

That to me is the final line that I want to be said about me.  I’ve unfortunately been thinking a lot more about this idea of what will happen when I am no longer here because of the tragic events that took place in Lawrence Township.

It hit close to home as that’s where I work and I know the principal that placed her life in danger to save those kids. I also know her daughter as one of the best co-workers I’ve encountered.

So full of energy that we’re going to miss that co-worker for the time being.

But getting back to me and where I am think I am heading. I want people to always love me for who I am.

That person that likes the fake sport of wrestling. That guy that loves a hamburger with just cheese.

That man that will do anything for his family.  Someone that can be counted on.

Someone that may love routine more than he lets on. Someone that embraced sweatpants in 2015.

Someone that will be a kid around kids when the time is right.  Someone that can be a positive influence for those same kids.

Finding myself is something I figured you have all sorted out by a certain age, but then again, do you really?

So as long as people are loving of who I am that will be my final line.


About Stephen Ajamie

Writing in all areas of music, sports, and fake wrestling, now it's time for Stephen to tackle himself in writing. View all posts by Stephen Ajamie

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