What do you want to be known for? Maybe you want to change the world. Maybe you just want to make the best cupcakes known to man. Go all in and give us the deep life-long goal, or share a smaller mission. 

This prompt definitely got me thinking about something I don’t give much thought to.

Are we talking up this Legacy?


I’ve never been the big picture guy, especially after getting laid off years ago. That really opened my eyes to the idea that you should take each day as it comes.

I’ve said before I don’t know about a five year plan, much less five week, five day plan, or even five hour plan. I know that I want to make sure that each day is taken as it comes.

But I got to thinking that overall as a person, I want to be known as that dependable guy.

In my work setting, that is something I take pride in. I’m known to be there for whoever needs it, and always being there at school.

In my family life, I like to be there for my family.  I say it’s a two way street of support. I know how much my parents have given me, so I want to give them back something in that same regard.

If I am known in that light, then I know I’ve created some legacy for myself.


PS. I also like that I was able to use something fake wrestling related to tie in this prompt, so go check out that featured image of Legacy.


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