Write On

Why do you write? What have you learned by facing the page? Did anything surprise you about your reflections this past month?

Why do I write? I wish I had some profound answer and enlightening story to state why I do write. But mostly, I thought I had some ideas running through my head, and I wanted to get them out there.

I write about things I am passionate about such as music, sports, wrestling, and life.

Music is what got me going in the crazy world of blogs as I knew I had great thoughts about the music world, and I wanted to get them out there.

This writing thing even got me paid from time to time for a site about the Indiana Pacers.

Not the biggest checks ever, but still knowing I made a few dollars because people were viewing my writing was something.

That challenge to me was the reason to write. I am not the best writer, but I will write what I am thinking. I don’t have much of a filter as I am typing.

I let whatever is flowing come out. The downfall is when those thoughts stop and I am left with how to end.

But knowing that I am writing for the world to see is something to me.


About Stephen Ajamie

Writing in all areas of music, sports, and fake wrestling, now it's time for Stephen to tackle himself in writing. View all posts by Stephen Ajamie

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