Alternative History

Imagine how your life today would be different if an event in history would’ve gone another way. What if the British defeated the American colonies during the Revolutionary War? What if Prohibition never ended? What if the 9/11 terrorist attacks never took place? What if…

This prompt can get your mind going a thousand different ways. I will probably be thinking of a few different scenarios even as I am typing this.

You can look at big picture ideas like what if 9/11 doesn’t happen?  Do we have improved security measure? Do we come together as a nation like we did?

What about it happening later in life? Or even earlier?

I am really thinking about my own life. Maybe I could have looked at what if I never went to Butler and pursued more of a music career with a band because I had just started playing guitar then. Would I have ended up where I am now?

Would I have even went to college at some point? I can also point to my time at Butler and think I made a change for the better when I switched from music education to elementary education.

If I kept on the music education path, I might not even had stayed at Butler since things weren’t going too well in those classes.  I made a change for the better.

I look back at high school and think what if I was more outgoing and actually asked some girls out, maybe I wouldn’t have been such a late bloomer like I was who didn’t get a real date until 24 or so.

Life can be so much different because of one situation, and it’s fun to think about that.


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