Good Deed

Explore a good deed – yours, or one from someone else. How is the world better for it?

I was thinking over this one, and I couldn’t pin point a good deed that I had actually done that I could talk up. I do know that when you see those articles about someone helping someone out with some money or food, it brings a smile to the face.

Or someone giving someone a job. I remember that story about the store that helped a teen get ready for an interview and he actually got the job at that store after the fact. That to me is just awesome. Knowing some people are just in life for the good things.

Too often in the news we have to see all the bad. Then you’ll see the small 30 second blurb on something good.  More often we need to see those good deeds.

Like they say no good deed goes unnoticed. So my goal for 2016 is to make a memorable good deed. It could be something as small as paying it forward for someone. Helping someone out with some change.  Giving someone something they might need.

I know in my life I am a good person and that should be something I strive to do more of outside of my own life.


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