A Hair Raising Time

Time to duck into a spooky side street – what creepy coincidence, eerie experience, or unnerving moment made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight this year? Whether it was a scary spider story, freaky film, or shocking scenario – as long as it’s no longer keeping you up at night, share away! We won’t judge you for leaving the nightlight on.

Let’s act like it’s 2014 for this prompt. Do you remember what you were doing all that time back? I don’t really either, but I do have a story that fits this prompt, which I’ve told people here and there. Now it’s time to share with the blogging world what my hair raising story is.

I used to live in a double by myself some years ago. So no one was on the other side of the double. Let’s just make sure that is stated enough because one night I was lying in bed when I swear on everything I heard some footsteps going back and forth.

Now when you leave alone, every sound can be amplified. But this sound really caught me off guard since I was the only one in this double. And it was on the other side.

Needless to say, I shot out of bed and looked around my place first. Then stepped to the other side of the double to see what was that sound.

I even looked around outside for footsteps, which there was snow on the ground, and I could have seen them.  Why I went outside, I don’t know? I was probably like those dumb people in the horror movies that go towards the killer instead of away.

I’ve also had other people who were there in the house state they’ve heard something here and there, so I didn’t feel too out of sorts. But that one evening, I know I heard something that was definitely not me.


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