Work Culture

Work culture is all the rage. What values do you bring to work? Is there any one cultural trait you want to import into your workplace? Create a punch list of small things you can do to nudge culture forward. Or, explore companies who seem to be doing it right.

Is this where I get to brag about how awesome I am at my job? Even to the point of last school year getting the award of Classified Employee of the Year?  Humble brag, humble brag.

Why did I in fact win this wonderful acknowledgement? Because I do bring some values to work that people have seen.

I bring a sense of fun to the classroom, which I think is very important. The second to last day of school I borrowed a selfie stick from my brother and get as much picture taking as I could.  The smiles on the kids’ faces were awesome, and they of course loved having their picture taken.


I also bring that sense of being able to work in any situation. Many times I’ve been called quite flexible, and when one minute you’re working with a student, but another minute you’re covering a classroom, that means you’re flexible.

Also dependability is something I take great pride in. Being there all the time, and being ready to go is important to me. Most times, I’m already at school before my scheduled time, and already helping out in the cafeteria with the breakfast duty.

I think overall I am someone that comes in, does my job the right way, and leaves with that sense that I am doing something important in the building. That to me is why I do my job.


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