Be Neighborly

Maybe you fell for the girl next door or considered building a fence to keep out the nosy neighbor. Tell us a story, draw us a map, or give us a hidden gem about your neighborhood, past or present.

I’m not the best neighbor of my current neighborhood as I really only know a couple of people on my street. I don’t take the time to really get to know anyone as that’s not a big concern or something important to me.

But I wanted to go another direction with this prompt and take about how much fun I used to have as a kid back in the day in my old neighborhood.

I used to hang out with a kid down the street that we would play Super Nintendo all the time.  A lot of time spent playing Mortal Kombat, even if it meant me watching him play through as much as he could.

sme_basketball Basketball-Goal-01_131261.jpg

NOT ACTUALLY MY GOAL, but you get the picture!

Many a times of playing basketball in the driveway as well. I can still remember my house getting a basketball goal on the garage and all of the neighborhood kids coming out to play a lot. Even my friends from school coming after school during March Madness to play out there while we were waiting for one of the games to start.

That’s the memories I have of my neighborhood life growing up.  The good old days as they’re always called.


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