Life Swap

Switch places with someone for a day. Who would you swap with? Someone famous? Someone anonymous? Tell us who – and why!
My mind went a few directions on this prompt for the day.  I have plenty of different interests, so I was thinking about rock stars, wrestlers, more rock stars, and more wrestlers.

First, I thought about going the route of being Dave Grohl for the day. Especially if I could go back and be him while he was doing the documentary for HBO and getting to visit all those cool places and seeing what the musical history is behind each place.

Then, I went to The Rock, who’s just everywhere it seems.  But I would have loved to gone back to his wrestling days, and lived out that time when he was really peaking.

Ultimately, there’s one guy that popped up out of nowhere almost in my mind. The powerful man in the United States. The guy that has the hardest job in the world, President Barack Obama.


That’s right, I would want to swap lives with the President of the United States to truly see what goes on in his world. What is it like to have to make those important decisions. Visit powerful people.  Mingle with some of the celebrities that he comes across.

That right there is the guy that I would want to swap lives with. He can have my job as a resource assistant because I know he would rock it so much. But I would want to live in his shoes JUST FOR A DAY. After that, I would be good to go back to my regular life.

BUT, President Stephen Ajamie might have a ring to it.


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Writing in all areas of music, sports, and fake wrestling, now it's time for Stephen to tackle himself in writing. View all posts by Stephen Ajamie

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