What creates a sense of home for you? Explore the space, artifacts or people who shape your habitat. When do feel the most at home?

When do I feel most at home? All the time is the easy answer. Anymore, I am quite the homebody. I get up for work, head to work, and head home where I mostly stay. Weekends are spent there just doing whatever I want to do around the house as well.

I think for me being on my own on the southside of Indy, I’ve created quite the man space since I am living alone. I’ve got a room that has toys from my past along with what’s beginning the collection of pop vinyls.

I also have my favorite space, which is a back sun room that I spend probably the majority of my time there.


Welcome to Stephen’s World

That’s where I make music, watch netflix, enjoy wrestling, write more music, watch more netflix, nap in, and even write this blog post that I am typing right now.

As you can see, it’s quite the manly space that I’ve taken great pride in creating.

Nothing is better for me than sitting in here on a Sunday morning right after doing some deep cleaning and just enjoying the atmosphere of here. I’m talking deep deep cleaning.

But for me, that time is just something special for me.  Taking in that atmosphere that I’ve created this space for myself. It’s the one spot of the house that when I give the home tour, I think people can tell I am most proud of.


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Writing in all areas of music, sports, and fake wrestling, now it's time for Stephen to tackle himself in writing. View all posts by Stephen Ajamie

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