Role Models

Life is so much easier when you have someone to help you navigate. What makes a mentor great? Have you ever had a mentor? Been someone else’s?

I look to my mom and dad as the mentors to me. They are such great examples of putting others before themselves. I think to all the Christmas times that my family has had, and how much work my parents put into making sure everyone gets what they want.

Or the times that my mom and dad have seen someone stopped and offered their help if no one was available.  Countless times that they’ve given a ride to someone that’s needed it.


They’re the two most selfless people I know that are truly role models for me. I can only hope to be the type of person they are. I can only imagine being that type of dad for my own kids whenever that time may come.

I also look musically to plenty of people as mentors. They might not be right here with me, but the first name I think of is Dave Grohl.  This past year, he’s shown just what being a “rock star” truly entails. Not for the fame or fortune, but making the music.

The Foo Fighters gave out an EP that they recorded in Austin, Texas to everyone.  That’s something that many bands have done as well, but someone of their caliber doesn’t need to do that. That was a thank you to the fans for believing so much in this band. It’s amazing to see how popular the Foo Fighters have got when it looked like they could have been at the end of their career.



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