Dig Into Your Roots

How far back can you trace your family? What was their life like? What else do you know? Tell a story, share an old family photo or draw your family tree. If you know nothing, ask a relative for some history to share.


This might have to be a goal for the upcoming year as I don’t have much information on either side of my family tree.

I know where people have come from and how far back they go. But don’t know much about the stories of them.

On my mom’s side, the last name has been hard to trace back as it’s been spelled differently,  but some of her family has been working on the family tree for years and years.

On my dad’s side, I am not sure if anyone has really sat down to do much with it, and once again, it’s an odd name that I am sure has been spelled differently from back in the day.

But maybe I’ll need to start that work on my own and get some stories that I can share.


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