Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear? Tell us about a sound. What do you hear in your house or at work?

Some background about me is that I work with special education students in an Early Learning Center out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  It’s Kindergartners on one side of the building and preschoolers on the other side of the building.

I engage with plenty of different students, so the sound I like to hear is the conversations those students will have. I wish I could have some specific memory of that, but the memories start to all run together.

The best time to catch these conversations without much prompting is during their free choice time, where they will pick something to play and engage with other students.

I like to sit back and listen to these conversations and where they will go.

I might hear girls talking together. Or boys wanting to play as dogs in the block area.

Or a group of students playing with trains and making some pretend play about it.

For me, that’s the best part of the day sometimes. Just to sit back and listen. Really listen to these conversations and where they will go.


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