In Your Eyes

Share a photo or paint us a picture with words. Show us something from your year through your eyes. Did you see something that took your breath away? Or maybe you just couldn’t look away?

Don’t worry I’m not going to stand outside your window and have a boombox playing the Peter Gabriel song, but I will share a picture that fits the prompt up there.



I’m a life long fan of WWE, and this “fake” sport of wrestling.  For some people, they can’t understand why my eyes would be glued to something like this.

I know it’s fake, I know it’s scripted, I know I probably shouldn’t believe half of what I see. But then it’s that escape from reality that draws me in.

My eyes don’t want to think about all that is fake about it. I want to invest in the characters and the people behind those characters.

Sure, it’s easy to say it’s a soap opera that plays out on tv and in arenas around the world.

But I look more into this people that are pretty much giving up a life at home for a life on the road. People that will step outside and sign autographs.

People that will visit war zones and the troops all across the world.

People that will help a sick kid in bringing some small smile to their face as they’re able to.

These people are so much more than “characters” you see on the tv or ones that you believe are all fake.

That’s why my eyes are opened more to this crazy traveling circus known as WWE.


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