2015 Month to Month Recap

Thanks to the power of Facebook and another #ThinkKit writer, I went back through my FB timeline to see what I was doing throughout each month of the year.


Whatcha gonna do when StephenMania runs wild on you 2015?

Let’s see what January through December was all about for me.


My school job was on a two hour delay the first day back from winter break.

I worked at mixing some songs for my band.

More closures and delays for school.

Finally got the car out of the garage that was the previous owner’s of the house I am buying.


No Valentine this year.

My band did some Indy In Tune radio, and got a flat tire on the way home.

School was on another two hour delay.

Went to Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn featuring a wrestling theme.


Played in a battle of the bands with my band, Good Guy Bad Guy.

Played Punk Fest 2015 at Fifth Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis, IN.


Saw Weezer at the Final Four fest.

Paul George made his return to the Indiana Pacers, and I was there for that.

Played my guitar at school for some classrooms.

Awarded Classified Employee of the Year for my school.


Did a self titled podcast for my band.

Played a show at the Melody Inn.

Youngest brother graduated from high school. Time to feel old.

Met my niece and nephew for the first time.

I got a pancake made in my likeness.

Lots of selfie stick action at school the second to last day.

Played a set at a church festival.

Saw Flogging Molly at the White River Lawn.

Saw Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at Old National Center.

Attended Monday Night Raw.

Lost one of my cousins to a hit and run accident.


Short ER visit for what was a small kidney stone issue at least I think it was kidney stones.

Started a summer tradition of visiting the downtown library with a friend and his daughter.

Roddy Piper passed away, which was a huge shock.


Started back at school so early (August5th).

Took a bike ride around the canal with my friends and their kids.

Saw the Foo Fighters.


Met Dallas Clark at Indiana Grand, and won some cash.

Went to play a round of golf for the first time in at least over a year.


Attended my first Major League Baseball game.

Visited Newport Aquarium in Kentucky.

Saw Motion City Soundtrack and The Wonder Years in Chicago.

Also, saw guy puke right in front of where I was standing.

Dressed up as Hulk Hogan for Halloween.


Celebrated my 34th birthday hitting up Indiana Grand Casino.

Butler scored 144 points in their opening game of the season.

Attended WWE’s Smackdown.

Got my house all decorated for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving.


Got on my yearly tradition of watching The Office Christmas themed episodes.

Played with my band at Birdy’s Live.

Stole a kid’s* wwe title belt as a white elephant gift.

*Not an ACTUAL KID. Kid’s size.

Enjoyed a Christmas with all the family in town.

Spent New Year’s Eve playing board games with close friends.












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